Just Move On.

Stop holding yourself back from moving forward because of negative things.❤



Trying Your Best.


But you know what? Eventually everything is gonna be okay. Just hang in there till you get a chance to move out of that house.

You Will Always Remain In Our Hearts


“I keep talkin’ to God, but he don’t hear me
And my demons are there, always listenin’
I get lost in the dark, drownin’ in whiskey
And I went in so far, you say you miss me
I’m on a ship in a bottle, so say goodbye at the shore
Break the glass and you’ll find me, I’m not who I was before
Close my eyes in the darkness and hold on through the storm
I’m a wreck in a bottle, I wasn’t built for a war “ ~Brandon Hart

Along every journey we take in our lives there are ups and downs. We end up losing faith in God and question ourselves this question “God what did I do to deserve all of this?”.We all go through extreme storms which are different from one another but then at the end they all disappear no matter how long it takes. So don’t stop PRAYING and don’t lose that FAITH.

You Own Yourself.

We are all gifted in different special ways. We all have brains but it’s up to us how we decide to use them. We could all get successful if we really want to. But unfortunately that will never happen because a lot of people have negative mindsets. When they are given opportunities which might change their lives in a positive way they don’t take them, but focusing on negative things which just bring so many problems in their lives it’s their number one priority. Your background doesn’t determine your future.

If you come from a poor or rich family, that doesn’t mean you also gonna be poor or rich in the future. But how your life will be like in the future, that’s up to you to decide.




Broken People.

And I don’t get this Instagram shit.
Like is your self-worth based upon the likes that you get?
I guess that’s why you post the pictures when you’re looking your best.
So maybe dudes can fantasize over your ass or your chest.
It’s like we needing approval, someone’s constant attention.
And honestly, all these things are causing us tension.
We think we moving forward but haven’t made no progression.


The pain might take time to fade away, but what I know is that you ain’t going to have it in your life forever,so hang in there and keep believing that everything is going to be alright because that’s definitely going to happen.