“I keep talkin’ to God, but he don’t hear me
And my demons are there, always listenin’
I get lost in the dark, drownin’ in whiskey
And I went in so far, you say you miss me
I’m on a ship in a bottle, so say goodbye at the shore
Break the glass and you’ll find me, I’m not who I was before
Close my eyes in the darkness and hold on through the storm
I’m a wreck in a bottle, I wasn’t built for a war “ ~Brandon Hart

Along every journey we take in our lives there are ups and downs. We end up losing faith in God and question ourselves this question “God what did I do to deserve all of this?”.We all go through extreme storms which are different from one another but then at the end they all disappear no matter how long it takes. So don’t stop PRAYING and don’t lose that FAITH.

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